Wristbands are a common giveaway at events these days. Whether you are attending a charity ball or a corporate event at your organization, you may already have a whole lot of those lying about. The bright colors of these wristbands make them a welcome addition to any wardrobe. These can be used for more purposes than just raising awareness about a cause. The following are a few ways in which you can make use of these custom wristbands.

Using wristbands

You can make use of your old wrist bands in all of the following ways:

  • You can get creative and use thesw to create colorful Christmas decorations. Take a plastic bauble and fill it up with colorful wristbands. You can either choose to hang the bauble on a Christmas tree oh you may have it hung just about anywhere for a festive look.
  • It can be used to creatively wrap presents. Cover the gift with a wrapping paper and stress the wristband across the length of the parcel and twist it in place.
  • You can even use it to bind your cables and wires. Everyone knows that these are constantly getting tangled up. In order to make sure that everything is neat and tidy all you need to do is time is a with the help of a wristband. The best part is that silicone wristbands present no risk of fire hazards and therefore can be used to keep the electric wires and cables separated.
  • You can use wristbands to label various jars and bottles. Not only would they be helpful in identifying the different spices and ingredients in your kitchen but can also be used to provide a grip on the jar so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands.
  • These are also handy when it comes to packing lunches. Food can be secured tightly with the help of a wristband. if you want to prevent that sandwich from falling off and dispersing the contents in the box, simply place a wristband on top of it to prevent it from falling all over the place.
  • Wrist bands can be used to insulate your warm coffee cups. It is common for the mug to get too hot and slippery. Placing a few wristbands along the mug can help insulate it. This would prevent your coffee from getting cold and your hands from burning.
  • You can even use a wrist band to tie your ponytail. It is common to run out of rubber bands especially when you need them. With a wrist band right in front of you it’s easy to secure your hair and keep the heat away.

The above mentioned are a few creative ways in which you can make use of wrist bands. Do not throw the wrist bands which you get at corporate events. Collect them and put them to creative use. Children love colorful things and you can use wristbands to keep them occupied for many minutes a day. Can you order custom wristbands? Yes you definitely can!