Whale watching is a relaxing experience and many people wish to find themselves on a whale watching tour somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Although exciting, whale watching can result in bad outcomes if care is not put in place.

The first thing that you need to check before anything else is the boat operator. A boat operator should have some qualities which can make you trust them. Let us look at some of the qualities that a boat operator needs to have.

Qualities of an excellent boat operator

A good boat operator knows exactly where to see whales in Hervey Bay. That is why it is important to sign up with a reliable one who has the following characteristics:

  • Experience

Since you are going on a boat trip right in the middle of the ocean, your priority should be to check the experience of the boat operator because you never know what will get you out there. A good boat operator should be well conversant with the whale watching operations and should know what to do when they find themselves in a tricky situation. Many dangers are lurking in the middle of the ocean and if a boat operator is inexperienced, you will all be causalities of a great tragedy. Therefore, ask the operator the number of years he has been doing the job and also some of the challenges they have experienced in their work.

  • Safety measures

You want a boat operator who has invested heavily in his boat to ensure that their passengers are safe and secure as they travel around the ocean. You should check the safety precautions that have been laid out by the boat operator to know exactly how prepared they are for the trip. Even if you will not encounter danger on the way, one of the passengers may slip and if the boat is not well protected with side rails, one may end up falling into the deep cold water and lose his life.

  • Health

It is also crucial to assess the health of the boat operator before you embark on the tour. Some of them are not in good health but they strive to meet their family demands even if they are sick. Riding with such a boat operator can be dangerous because his condition may worsen in the middle of nowhere and you end up being helpless.

  • Knowledge in marine life

Moreover, it would be an added advantage if you find a boat operator who has sufficient knowledge of marine life. This way, even if you do not encounter whales on your trip, you will still get to learn a lot from the operator about other marine creatures that you will encounter. You will even get a chance to ask questions to satisfy your curiosity. The more you learn on a whale watching tour, the more curious you become, and the more urgent for another whale watching trip.

Factors that influence whale-watching mission

The following are some of the factors that may spoil your chances of embarking on an exciting whale watching trip:

  • Weather conditions

Sometimes, the weather conditions can make it hard for you to enjoy your whale watching tour. The weather above the ocean is different from one on land and can quickly change to something unpredictable in a matter of a few minutes. Thus, you must embark on a whale-watching mission on a fine day in the early hours.

  • Tides and currents

The tides can sometimes be a nuisance and result in a bad experience for whale watchers.